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    Generate list of clients machine files?

    Hey there

    I want to make an extensive browser/fileupload script inspired on windows Explorer... A server side listing of the files and directories with the home directory specified in the script and a listing of the clients files. The server side part can be found on ... The idea now is to make it possible to upload or download (maybe drag and drop) files from on side to the other. I don't know how I best make the client side. So on this part any help is welcome...

    (any comment on the site ( so far is welcome too)


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    Errrm - you may not like the answer - basically you can't. Or at least not like you have planned at the moment - a web server cannot have direct access to a visitors local filesystem - this is one of the fundamental security aspects of the Internet.

    What you can do is have people upload files to the server, using their browsers file upload facility. There's also a further limitation here in that you can only upload a single file at a time. This is another fundamental limitation of the existing HTTP protocol.

    There is some good news though - you could upload multiple files at one time using webdav ( - an extension to HTTP which requires the server be updated.

    Nice user interface BTW


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