I have a php script which logs every time a person visits someone's Profile. (This could be a Registered Member or an Anonymous Visitor visiting someone's Profile.)

Here is the information I log into MySQL...

	$q1 = "INSERT INTO visitor_log(member_viewed, visitor_id, ip, hostname, created_on)
				VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?, NOW())";
The problem that I discovered last night, however, is that if someone is rapidly clicking through other people's Profiles under their "Random Friends" or "Last 10 Visitors" section, my script was crashing because multiple records were being INSERTED with the same Time-Stamp.

This problem could be fixed by removing the "Unique Index" on the table, but the larger issue is that I need more granularity than NOW() provides.

So, is there a way to capture all of the information that now() currently captures (i.e. Date & Time), but also capture Fractions of Seconds as well?

If so, how would I do this?

I didn't see anything in the manual that captures Date + Time + Micro-Seconds...