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    Reporting abuse when the abuser IS the abuse report recipient?

    I bought software to build forms from what looked like a reputable internet company. I stupidly used the same PW for that account that I used when I set up my hosting account. (I know I have to learn php and how to make my own forms but I was really pressed for time.)

    The software did not work properly. I was posting for help on their User forums. They claimed it was my hosting server that was the problem, except that it wasn't because they were hosting the form. Anyway - contrary to their own privacy policy they entered my whois hosting account because I used the same PW and scoped out some support tickets, published parts out of context to make whois support look like it did not know what it was doing (not true - they were extremely helpful) AND THEN ALSO PUBLISHED MY NAME AND LOCKED MY ACCOUNT SO I CANNOT REPLY. (Sorry for the caps. I am upset.)

    I was going to report this to their "abuse report email" listed on the Privacy policy as, but on reading further on the site, the IT /Administrator person who did this is the same "head of Coffee Cup" who broke into my whois account and posted my name as well.

    So reporting abuse to the abuser is meaningless. Is there anywhere else to report privacy abuse? I know probably nothing will come of it, but I want it reported somewhere.

    Yes, I have changed by PWs and reported the credit cards as stolen.

    Thank you.
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