I'm from the UK, and my company has made a new Metasearch engine.
Its programmed in Java, and is being run on two dedicated servers.
It is currently located @ : (following slash must be used).

The current version is only version 1.1, and its in very early stages. We will be adding features like : MP3 Search, News Search, Auctions Search etc etc. Aswell as searching more engines.
The current results page design is very poor. This is because we haven't launched it yet. Its only in beta testing. So we have just chucked this design on the net, on an ip that no-one knows.

The servers are located in the UK, and I the reason I am posting this, is because I would like some reviews of the search engine.
I would like to know how fast you find it (in the UK it is extremely fast for a metasearch engine), how it could be improved etc.
I look forward to your reviews.
AJ O'Connell
Oh, and it soon will be on http://www.eliter.com and http://www.eliter.co.uk