I'm still recovering from a hack/server crash on my VPS on Monday last week.

Poor back-ups have added to the misery and chaos.

Anyway lessons are being digested and better procedures put in place.

But I have lost the email for three clients in 3 different ways and wonder if anybody has any suggestions.

1. Raw email files
We have one client's emails backed up as Raw email files. The VPS support staff say we can re-import these.

Do you know if there is a service out there that provides a way for us to see these emails again?
Hapy to pay as am overwhelmed at the moment.

2. Zipped up copy of the emails
I understand one the support guys downloaded a zip file of another email account.
Any ideas on the best way to get these back.

3. 123REG email account
I have accepted the internal transfer of a domain name which had email accounts set up on it.
The domain arrived without the email accounts.

We tranferred the domain back in the hope the email accounts would start again. But they were gone from there too.

Unfortunately, "123REG do not provide backups for mailboxes".

My client has some emails on her mac but i think these are just 'headers' and she may not have downloaded the emails fully.

Any suggestions on what we can do?

Thats about it from the worst week of my working life!