Beneath each of my Articles, I have a Comments section for Members to leave their thoughts.

I have added an HTML Anchor to the top of the Comments section, so that when a Member logs in, or clicks on the "Leave a Comment" link, he/she is taken directly to the Comments section instead of having to possibly scroll down several pages.

This is working okay, but I could use some advice to make it better.

The problem is that the Anchor scrolls in such a way that the user can't see any of the Article, and I think this could be confusing because the user might think they went to another page or somewhere that they don't want to be.

Here is a screenshot of what I mean...

Attachment 60303

I think it would better if part of the last paragraph was also displayed to give the user some degree of "orientation" so they know they can leave a Comment, but that they are still on the Article Page, if you follow me?!

Here is what I think looks better...

Attachment 60304

So on to my question...

What would be the most practical way to mark up my Articles so that I can get the effect I just described above?

All of my Articles are stored in my database, but include all of the HTML along with the Content. So this is really just a question of what is the best and most consistent way to apply the Anchor to the end of my Article instead of here...

HTML Code:
	<!-- ****************************-->
	<!-- Attempt to Display Comments.	*-->
	<!-- ****************************-->
	<div id="boxComments">
Hope all of this makes sense?!