I posted this in the troubleshooting section also, but I couldn't seem to get any views there... Sorry for my impatience, but I need an answer as fast as possible, so I would appreciate it a lot if someone could help...

I've been making a rather simple site. The navigation was supposed to use rollover, and they were working fine.

I made some alterations, and all of a sudden it starts to freak out a little...

On the pages that I made the alterations today, they don't work, on the ones I changed yesterday, they work...

The ones that doesn't work looks something like this:

Image8= new Image(80,60)
Image8.src = "images/button04h.jpg"
Image9= new Image(80,60)
Image9.src = "images/button05.jpg"
Image10= new Image(80,60)
Image10.src = "images/button5h.jpg"

function SwapOut4() {
document.imageflip4.src = Image8.src; return true;

function SwapBack4() {
document.imageflip4.src = Image7.src; return true;

function SwapOut5() {
document.imageflip5.src = Image10.src; return true;

function SwapBack5() {
document.imagflip5.src = Image9.src; return true;

And in the actual page I have this:

<a href=index.htm OnMouseOver="SwapOut4()" OnMouseOut="SwapBack4()">
<img name=imageflip4 width=80 height=60 src=images/button04.jpg alt="Til Forsiden">

<a href=omoss.htm OnMouseOver="SwapOut5()" OnMouseOut="SwapBack5()">
<img name=imageflip5 width=80 height=60 src=images/button05.jpg alt="Om Skap en forandring">

I get the message that "object expected" or something in the first line of the <a> tags...