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    The usefulness of infographics

    I disagree with the post, Arguments against Infographics for conveying content. I think that it’s not fair to simply compare the amount of data text and graphics used in info graphics. Following this train of thought Internet would be a much better place if we remover images entirely.

    One of the key functions of images is they make things easier to understand. It is especially true for infographics, sure if you create an infographic that present information that can be summarized in a few sentences that’s an awful waste of space, but bear in mind that the original purpose of infographics is to present complex and huge amounts of data in a more comprehensible way. It allows you to quickly see relationships between different values without extensively studying the actual numbers, and makes the whole experience more user-friendly, because infographics are designed not for statistics geeks but for ordinary who need a quick summary of facts. This is why infographics have become increasingly important in marketing, both in traditional press and online.

    You can read an interesting article about how infographics affect marketing strategies nowadays here "Infographics – A Powerful Tool To Promote Your Business & Brand". Anyway, I think they are a very useful tool in pretty much the same way a flow charts and graphs are.
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