There are tons of blogs out there, and there are a lot of people who are writing stuff that get posted on the Internet. Some of them want to get noticed in such a way that they want to be seen on the top pages of the search results, while others just write for fun. I've been wondering, though. I've been writing for fun for a long time, and I've thought of trying to become famous through those things that I write, but I never thought of actually abusing the fact that I can be a lot more visible on the search results if I added some words in my content.

Content creation should be done YOUR way. If you want to get noticed, create something that will be worth sharing across different networks. If people like it, they will share it. You don't have to worry too much about not having certain words in your content that will make your visible on the search results. You just have to be you when you write. Wouldn't it be a lot more fun if you're going to write stuff down without anyone forcing you to put words in it that aren't from your thoughts?

Well, if writing is your day job, your superiors would tell you the topics that you should cover and how you're going to deliver it, but that isn't supposed to be a limiter for your writing style. If they want you to write in a professional manner, that wouldn't stop you from using your style in making things look professional. It's still your words that are going to be in that content, and not some words generated by some tool. You might be able to add words which are generated by those tools within your content without bringing the quality down, but there are times when those wouldn't exactly be a perfect fit.

To cut things short, if you're going to write something that you would want to post on the Internet, just be you, or at least be the persona that you want to be associated to. Don't be too worried about not being on Google's top 10, or something like that. Just put your focus on creating content that the people will like. Reputation builds up faster that way than forcing yourself to add things within the content that would look like you're forcing yourself to become noticed. Write for fun!

PS: Even if my signature's like that, I favor content which have been written in one's own words rather than those written for the sake of being visible in the eyes of search engines.