Thanks for the thoughtful reviews I received on the previous version of my site.

I've updated the home page, so instead of taking visitors directly to most enrichment activities like book quizzes or math problems, visitors can choose to click on a Teacher or a Student button, and those pages will lead them to the most relevant activities for each audience. My hope is that this will decrease my home page bounce rate and encourage users to explore what's offered.

I also added some pictures of students to humanize the home page, in place of my previous PowerPoint clip-art.

I welcome any comments or suggestions about the new look of the home page. The enrichment pages for teachers and students are also new, so comments about making those as user-friendly as possible are also welcome. The site has 600 pages, and I want to focus on building content, but I want to feel like I'm moving in the right direction with the layout and navigation before it gets too much bigger.

Some of you offered very helpful suggestions that I haven't been able to address yet, including the creation of the footer or the fact that my site builder automatically adds the site title to my meta tags for page titles, among other things. Still working on them!

Thanks in advance for your help!