Hello guyz,
I feel bad, that its my first post and its a suggestion .

I want to let u know that,I registered few days ago but i was not able to login.
First I had tried to register via facebook, but i didnt do the email verification :P

Later i did but then also i was not able to login with my fb id and pass.
I dont know what the problem was.Then i thought my pass must be wrong, so i did the forget pass stuff and tried logging in but again failed.

phew... then today i just noticed the text on my email
Dear Swapnil Mhaske,
I juz gave a try keeping Swapnil Mhaske as my username and I was able to login.
This is the first time i m ever able to login with a username having space.
And I dont remember keeping this username :|

I just want the admins to give a check on this stuff.
Also lemme know if i can have my username edited :P

Thank you.