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    Need help from MAC users

    I have been trying to resolve a problem with the display of on Mac IE 5.2

    I have given up trying to get teh one style sheet to work, given that it works on loads of other configs. So. I've created a style sheet 'awkward-browser':

    For info, on this page is a list of browser screen shots:

    This is how it should look.

    I would really appreciate it if mac users would take a look at the page and try to explain

    * why the text is outputting in one long column

    If I don't get much response here, I probably need to try a Mac user's forum - so any recommendations on that front would be useful too.

    For info, the url of the style sheet is:

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    I'm guessing from the style of the graphic that the seach.js area should be tucked into the left side of the parent div.

    Remove the float: right from the #searcharea in your CSS and it should all tuck back in nicely.

    If, as the float suggests, it is meant to be tucked into the right side, then I would say that it is probably brought about by conflicting CSS or spacial considerations within the density of your nested div tags.
    I didn't look at them in depth to verify that everything was sound, just noticed that there was so much nesting that it wouldn't surprise me to find the problem stemming from there.

    ...but I could be wrong.
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