In my case this will be part of my qualification process over the phone. I've learned from my last experience that a lead who DOESN'T even want to talk about basic prices over the phone is probably a tire kicker... I ended up writing a 7 page proposal (Slickly designed I might add) for him. And a few days later I called him back and he told me he had to "discuss it with his partner". Never got a call back, or even a "Hey sorry but we don't have the funds currently for this." So of course now laying down my prices and trying to see if they can afford it is part of my qualification process now.

So I'm just wondering in particular HOW you bring this up. I think people like to know in general what they're paying for, however they also respect people who cut to the chase and tell them the price upfront. So how bout something along the lines of "You should treat websites as part of your marketing plan, and typically overall it's best to put in between 5-7% of your total revenue towards your marketing. A basic website with 15-20 pages will cost "x". 20 hours will be devoted to the photoshop design where you'll be given a few templates to choose from, 10 hours goes into researching and writing the content, 30 hours into coding the CSS & XHTML into each page, and then 10 more hours systematically testing each page on all browsers operating systems."

How does something like that sound? Is it bad to mention specific hours? How do you do it and why?

*As an aside, how do you deal with "partnerships?" where there is more than one decision maker? My target is restaurants and I'm thinking of maybe narrowing it down to family owned ones where one person owns the majority of the equity.