Hello everyone I’ve been reading a few articles on direct mailing for gaining new customers and I was just wondering if you could give me tips on your past experiences using this method. So I’ll go over what I already know and what my current strategy is. I will treat mailing like A/B splitting tests. I will carefully track what converts and what does not—wording, any deals that are included, type of brochure etc-- carefully making adjustments according to what works and what doesn’t.

I am still working on building my list of potential clients. Narrowing down my niche further (Maybe family owned restaurants?). If anyone has any further advice on this I’d be glad to hear it. There are list brokers out there who specialize in these sorts of things, and I am looking into my local chamber of commerce for such lists as well. But do you think it’d be better if I just do a quick scan of restaurants out there instead and maybe run my own due diligence (Though this sounds costly)? Or to even peruse through the yellow pages and see what I can find?

What makes someone throw out an envelope, and what makes someone read it? How can I ensure that my envelope will be read? I want to buy plain envelopes and maybe print out a logo on it, use some nice eye catching but clean sans-serif fonts, but that is all I have so far.
Anyone one have any solid experience i.e. a/b testing on this?

This I already have. I will make it concise as possible. I haven’t really decided on my call to action. Is a free consultation even an incentive nowadays? Would it be too cheesy to put in brackets beside that “$100 value”? Probably… I’m offering webdesign, SEO and SMM, not a discounted futon.

So I decided that since I’m highly targeting my audience, adding in a brochure would help with the conversions. The question is what kind? I plan on adding some full website templates that I have done but I think the three fold pamphlet is a little cheesy and overdone. I actually am a fan of the accordian fold one but I’m not exactly sure how this is done on what paper…. I am willing to spend extra money on this because it seems like you buy brochure paper that’s a little longer than the usual 8”x11” and you simply cut it in half. Overall I think you save some paper costs, printing costs (smaller size) plus it looks really unique and sleek.

I am talking about something like this:

Follow-Up & Plan B:
I plan on following up a week later with a call on those who did not call me. If anything I can try to generate warm leads from them. Which leads me to plan B. I will try to prequalify my leads by narrowing down my target audience as much as I can but I expect between a 5-10% response rate through this mailing method, maybe less. So if I send out 100 letters I’ll get 5 call backs. However even if I do not work with anyone who has called me back I can ask for a lead. (I will try to get at least 5 out of everyone I talk to so I’ll at least have some warm leads at all times).