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Unless you can GRANT privileges, which is highly unlikely if you're on a shared host (you need to be the "super admin"),
Who is using a Shared Host????

I have a VPS with Root access.

I don't think there's a way to set privileges per user in MySQL.
I believe there IS a way to grant User Privileges in MySQL, and that is what I have been asking about. (I know that my PHP properly handles Logging In/Out and prohibiting Users unless they are accessing their own Account, but I believe there is an additional layer of security here on the backend.)

The common way is to have a "privileges" table eg.

Userr_Id ... Role
123 .......... 1
234 .......... 1
432 .......... 2

Then you do a SELECT and if the user has an adequate role level you continue else no go.
This thread has morphed and I'm a bit lost.

Guess this part would be better suited in the MySQL Forum. Oh well.