Hi, first post. This looks like a very informative forum, so I was happy to join.

I am contemplating using the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network because I have a world information site with traffic coming 60% Asia and 40% US. Unfortunately, according to Analytics an Asian user is waiting 45-60 seconds for many pages to load. My dedicated server is in Orlando, FL, so letting Cloudflare cache static content on their Asian servers would probably do a lot to improve load time for Asian users.

Nevertheless, I wanted to post this question to other webmasters who might have used Cloudflare to get their feedback as to whether or not using the CDN has in any way negatively affected with position in the Google SERPs --- hopefully from someone who has been using Cloudflare for 6 months or more.

Personally, I cannot think of a single reason to believe it would have any affect whatsoever, but I did want to field the question for any input you might have in this regard.

Thanks in advance.