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    What Am I Missing?

    I'm new to creating a site specifically for good SEO. I feel that I have done everything right, but I have used two separate web site analyzers and both say my site is lacking thing I DO have:
    No title
    No H1 tag
    Meta description is missing
    Not enough words

    I have all these things in place, so I must have done something wrong as these all seem related. Please advise.

    My URL:

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    It seems to me this is more of a review request. Please see the review guidelines and resubmit this in the Review forum. Thanks.

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    Hi RunCoach, and welcome to the forums.

    As Black Max says, if you want your site reviewed from an SEO perspective (or any other) you can request that in the relevant section of the forums.

    To answer your specific questions, I think your problems may be caused in part by the order of things in your HTML (which is also full of errors).

    Title - try moving that immediately after <meta charset="UTF-8" />

    h1 tag - I'm guessing here, but you have it enclosed in an <hgroup> tag inside a <header>. Those tags are specific to HTML5 and not universally supported yet, so it may be that the analysers you're using don't recognise them, and therefore ignore them (and everything within them).

    meta description - move this to immediately below your <title>. Preferably move all that style information out of the <head> and into a separate style sheet.

    Run your code through the W3C Validator. If your code is valid, then it has a much better chance of being read, understood and indexed correctly by search engines. If you need help interpreting the validator results, you can always start a new thread.

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