I have written a Javascript Close function, which upon being called closes the DIV name that it has been given.
The function works fine in every page I have used it, but it is not working in the main sing-up page, here:


The function is very simple, it is:

function close(item) {
document.getElementById(item).style.display = 'none';

And in above page, it is being called when for example you click on the No choice of the field:
"Do you want to be informed when someone posts a Question that can be Answered by you? "

So when you click on the Yes field, its sister function:

function dispaly_hidden_div(item){
document.getElementById(item).style.display = 'block';

correctly opens the DIV, but when you click on the No the Close function is not closing the DIV.

I appreciate your input as to why the Close function is all of a sudden not working?