Hey folks,

I recently purchased an addition domain for my website to be used for its blog.

What I really want are two separate identities, mysite.com and myblog.com, not mysite.com and mysite.com/blog (if that makes sense :P)

Anyway, I've purchased the blog domain and when I try to set it up, all its doing right now is redirecting, but in reality, I want it to redirect, but show the same url at the top.

Right now if I were to go to myblog.com for example, it would go to mysite.com/blog/wordpress/index.php as a redirect, and that is all messy. Yes, I still want the blog to go to that subfolder of my original site, but I want it to instead of showing the mess seen above, I want it to stay as "myblog.com" when it goes to the index.

Would this be possible, and if so how would I go about doing it?

Thanks a ton,


Update: The best I can seem to get is something along the lines of myblog.com/blog/wordpres/index.php, which is better, but still not what I'm trying to do