When ever I create a website. I start with a simple plan on paper and when I get in photoshop, I am able to find the color I need, just by trying and seeing what I like.

However, right now I am trying to redesign a site that I started a long time a go, and I'm blocked, I can't seem to get any color scheme that I like out of photoshop.

The two man colors that I am going to use are: #007C8D and #00808C, but the site still looks empty.

Long a go I read the site point book "beautiful web design" (something like that), and I remember it talking about using the color wheel to generate the color you would need for your site.

Now, because I never used it before, I wanted to ask your opinion if this is the correct use of a color wheel?
So am I right in thinking that I am now supposed to use any of the colors from the squares on the bottom right of this result : http://colorschemedesigner.com/#3k21T--sSw0w0

If you could help me in anyway, I would be greatful