I just don't know where to start. They are all the SAME school, but all the fields can change, but I still want them all to be
able to pulled up in a HISTORY query

 YEAR  TEAM                 MASCOT                SPORT              CONFERENCE    CITY             STATE        COACH
 ----  -------------------  --------------------  -----------------  ------------  ---------------  -----------  -------------
 2012  Oak Ridge            Wildcats              Senior Football    4A            Lexington        Kentucky     Alan Smith (2012-01-01 | 2012-12-31)
 2011  Oak Ridge Central    Charging Wildcats     Senior Football    5A Central    New Lexington    Kentucky     John Williams (2011-03-01 | 2011-09-24) Alan Smith (2011-09-25 | 2011-12-31)
 2007  Oak Ridge            Charging Wildcats     Senior Football    3A East       Lexington        Kentucky     John Williams (2007-01-01 | 2007-10-16)
 2006  Oak Ridge            Wildcats              Senior Football    4A            Lexington        Kentucky     John Williams (2006-01-01 | 2006-12-31)
 2005  Oak Ridge            Wildcats              Senior Football    4A            Lexington        Kentucky     Alan Smith (2005-05-07 | 2005-11-21)
Below is as far as I have gotten:

 SportID       1
 SportName     Senior Football

 StateID       1
 StateABRV     KY
 StateName     Kentucky

Would the above be a good many to many relational database? As you can see, most of these things that I changed
normally wouldn't happen as often as they do, but just for the sake of it happening, I added them.

The year 2005, everything is normal until the end of the season then the Coach retires.

A new year, 2006, goes by with only the new Coach taking them through the season.

The year 2007 comes along and the school board changed the mascot. The team is also dropped to a lower conference. The team
doesn't get to finish the season, a wave of tornado's destroying Lexington.

Four years later, the school is back but renamed Oak Ridge Central. They are also placed in a larger conference due to enrollment. They had
gotten their 2005 Coach back but he can't finish the season, so mid-way, they hire a new coach who finishes out the season.

In 2012, the board once more renames the School and Mascot. The team drops into another conference and the city drops the New, reverting back to Lexington once more.

Is it possible to make a Relational Database handle all of this, or am I just Daydreaming?
Thanks for any hint on where I should start in advance. I just don't see how I can make it into a relational database and
making a history query work on the supplied data.