I was wondering if someone could tell me what is causing the warning message: "[30-Jun-2012 18:12:37] PHP Warning: Wrong parameter count for strstr() in /Users/cliffgs/Sites/artworks.dev/includes/sortSession.php on line 9"

PHP Code:
if(!isset($_SESSION['country'])) {
$_SESSION['country'] = '21*New Zealand';
if (isset(
$_POST['country'])) {
$_SESSION['country'] = $link -> real_escape_string($_POST['country']);
$regionCountry $_SESSION['country'];
$foundRegion strstr($regionCountry'*'true);
$foundCountry ltrim(strstr($regionCountry'*'), '*');
After a lifetime working in graphic design on computers, I have found that when a computer gives an error message, it usually turns out to be correct, not matter how many times I swear at it.

But for the life of me I cannot see what is causing the above Warning. On the same topic, should I worry as it is only a warning?

Many thanks