I have been using GIMP for more years than I can count.
I used it when I was on Windows machines, and have been using it on a Mac for several years. But, apparently there is no support for X11 on OSX Lion. I just upgraded and GIMP no longer works.

What can I do?

Let me explain that I am NOT A DESIGNER. I really only need to be able to adjust and modify existing photos, blur backgrounds, create gradient graphics (occasionally) and, most often, resize or convert images from one format to another. Far limited a set of capabilities to justify an expensive application like Photoshop.

Anyway, I am apparently too stupid to use Photoshop. As a matter of fact all of Adobe products frustrate me because their UI developers 'think' in a manner that is counter-intuitive for me. Their products are brilliant but I just can't use them.
I have become so accustomed to GIMP. I can use it regardless of what machine I am working on. It does all the simple things I need in a straightforward way.

Does anyone have a suggestion for me? I am not opposed to paying a little money but FREE (Open Source) is always good.