I have a page that is querying a MySQL database for a list of courses available in a given city.
The query is based on CITY NAME.
Here is the WHERE statement:

PHP Code:
.locationcity '$locationcity' AND
scheduledcourses.coursedate CURDATE()"; 
Our needs have changed and I now need to do a search based on zip code. We want all classes to come up within 100 miles of the City zip code.
I have tweaked a code which returns me all zip codes within 100 miles of the city zip code. This part works.
The problem is that I cannot figure out how to get the results into the query.

Example, I can echo the results of my zip code radius search
Which looks like this
PHP Code:
foreach ($location1->getZipsInRange(0200) as $miles => $zip) {
$miles round($miles1);
    foreach (
$zip) { 

This returns a long string of zip codes.
Obviously in the echo statement I can place a space or an OR but I am not sure how to get this in to my MySQL Query Statement.

Would need to be something like this
PHP Code:
.locationzip '33015 OR 33016 OR 33017 OR 33018' AND
scheduledcourses.coursedate CURDATE()"; 
I need to make the results of the zip code radius search into a variable that I can throw into my MySQL query.
Can someone help?