I want to start a crowdfunding site like indiegogo, just that I need moneybookers as my payment gateway integration instead of paypal as it cant be used in my country to transact within the same country (Wierd! but rules cant be broken)

After loads of gogling and looking at all the freelance sites, I realized its best to buy a product off the shelf instead of custom coding it from scratch which most developers will try to sell. There is already a demo..lower prices...others would hv already used it..

I am down to 2 scripts :

1- Agriya's kickstarter clone called SF platform which costs $1000 plus $1500 (fpr moneybookers integration) = $2500

2- Fundraising script.com who are willing to it for $350 with moneybooker integrations for FREE

I am considering the second script because of budget constraints. But I like the Agriya script for its features. I have tried several times to speak to the sales team but they refused to give me a discont above 15% while I am well aware that they hv sold their $1000 scripts for $250 - $350.

I dunno what to do ?

Should I buy the $350 script , I need someone who has used this script to tell me about it.

Or maybe all the ppl who like the agriya kickstarter script should vote here. So we can try and negotiate a group buying deal with them atleast 5-10 people should do the magic I think.

If there are other scripts that you have tried off the shelf ready to buy please do share ....