The book I am learning jQuery from is the sitepoint book called, "jQuery:Novice to Ninja Second Edition". The source code for the "1-up" Notification example script which begins on page 302 of the book is the code that isn't performing the callback. Here is the code:

    .click(function(e) {
      doOneUp(this, function() {

function doOneUp(which, callback) {
      top: "-=50px",
      opacity: "toggle"
    }, 1000,
    function() {
        .css({top: ""})
        .hide('slow', callback) // hey sitepoint users, this is the callback that isn't being called back
The amount of chaining and anonymous method usage in this example of the book seems over the top. For someone learning jQuery its probably not the best code to learn from. Trying to debug 1 long line of code versus multiple smaller pieces of code seems very difficult. But all that aside I have tried debugging this code in Chrome's debugger/inspector and have been unsuccessful. Can someone spot the bug?