I wrote an entire web-site! Yes I did, I taught myself php, mysql, sqlite, javascript, jquery, html, css and xml as well as action script. blahhhhh blaahhh .... the problem is guys I don't think it is that professional (know what I mean) I'm more than a little intimidated by the fact that I have some real 'USERS' I'm scared.. I have written my own version of an affliliate program. my own version of a profile page, login, register, write an article, get your stats, change your password ect... and, NOW, NOW THAT I have real users OMG I am scared. I need to know if my code is OK.
My sites users have increased 10 fold in as many days I AM SCARED!
let me give you the run down:-
setcookie for a month, if affliliate sends traffic write ip, affilliate id to cookie, if cookie acted on in 30 days. Call cookie value, write it to user login database so that affilliate can be paid if the user makes some money on the site.


get ip, get referrer ie $_SERVER variables.
code out bots and spiders, get real visitor values, make them distinct. take the users page views against the total page views of the site to structure an earning value for each user.

JEEZ I'm SO full of it...
in theory it was all so cool, now I terrified that I might do my users down because I an not an expert. can I upload bits of my code for u guys to pull-a-part and help me improve,,,,,... I HAVE NOT SLEPT IN 10 DAYS and I am BUSY OMG......