I've got a simple script that works in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. In IE 8 the val() of the input is returning as undefined.

Essentially I'm loading a form dynamically that offers select boxes for Year - Month - Day - Time. Depending on which date you choose - The month and days offer selectable months / days that the user can schedule a tour.

When you change year for instance I use $.get to pass the variable of the year select to build the rest of the form accordingly. They dynamically loaded forms are then NOT accessable by jQuery.

HTML Code:
$("#select_month").live("change", function() {
		$("#tour_time").html("<img src='images/294.gif' alt='loading' />");
		var year = $("#select_year").val();
		var month = $("#select_month").val();
		var id = $(".center_check").attr("id");

 alert(month+" - "+year);

		$.get("tourTimes.php", {year:year, month:month, center:id, mode:"monthChange"}, function(data) {

In this case year and month select values are undefined.