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    VBScript - Email Issue with Email Attachment

    I have a peice of code which allows you attach a file and store in a folder and then send it in an email and My problem is when I add a text field and when I hit send I get a error message 'Bad file name or number' and when I remove the text field it works perfectly.
    Please let me know where I have missed Thanks
    My code is on a single page

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    <html xmlns="">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
        Func = Request("Func")
    	if isempty(Func) then
        		Func = 1
    	end if
        Select case Func
    		case 1
    <P><FONT face="Arial" color="blue" size="4"><STRONG>Select a File 
      to send as attachment.</STRONG></FONT> </P>
    <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="sendmail.asp?Func=2" method="post" id="form1" name="form1">
          <td><FONT face="Arial"><STRONG></STRONG></FONT>
          <td><FONT face="Arial"><STRONG>File 
          <td><input name="file1"  type="file">
            <input name="ename" type="text" >
        <!--  <tr><td>phone:<input NAME="phone" type="text" /><br></td></tr>
                   <tr><td>email:<input NAME="email" type="text" /><br></td></tr>-->
          <td align="left"><input type="submit" value="Send!" ></td>
    		case 2
    			ForWriting = 2
        			adLongVarChar = 201
        			lngNumberUploaded = 0
    				'Get binary data from form		
        			noBytes = Request.TotalBytes 
        				binData = Request.BinaryRead (noBytes)
    				'convert the binary data to a string
        			Set RST = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
        				LenBinary = LenB(binData)
        					if LenBinary > 0 then
        						RST.Fields.Append "myBinary", adLongVarChar, LenBinary
        									RST("myBinary").AppendChunk BinData
        						strDataWhole = RST("myBinary")
        					End If
        'Creates a raw data file for with all data sent. Uncomment for debuging.	
        	'Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        	'Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(server.mappath(".") & "\raw.txt", ForWriting, True)
        	'f.Write strDataWhole
        	'set f = nothing
        	'set fso = nothing
        'get the boundry indicator
        strBoundry = Request.ServerVariables ("HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE")
        lngBoundryPos = instr(1,strBoundry,"boundary=") + 8 
        strBoundry = "--" & right(strBoundry,len(strBoundry)-lngBoundryPos)
        'Get first file boundry positions.
        lngCurrentBegin = instr(1,strDataWhole,strBoundry)
        lngCurrentEnd = instr(lngCurrentBegin + 1,strDataWhole,strBoundry) - 1
    do while lngCurrentEnd > 0
    			'Get the data between current boundry and remove it from the whole.
    			strData = mid(strDataWhole,lngCurrentBegin, lngCurrentEnd - lngCurrentBegin)
    				strDataWhole = replace(strDataWhole,strData,"")
    			'Get the full path of the current file.
        		lngBeginFileName = instr(1,strdata,"filename=") + 10
        			lngEndFileName = instr(lngBeginFileName,strData,chr(34)) 
    			'Make sure they selected at least one file.	
        		if lngBeginFileName = lngEndFileName and lngNumberUploaded = 0 then
        			Response.Write "<h2> The following error occured.</h2>"
        			Response.Write "You must select at least one file to upload"
        			Response.Write "<br><br>Hit the back button, make the needed corrections and resubmit your information."
        			Response.Write "<br><br><input type='button' onclick='history.go(-1)' value='<< Back' id='button'1 name='button'1>"
        		end if
    			'There could be one or more empty file boxes.	
        		strFilename = mid(strData,lngBeginFileName,lngEndFileName - lngBeginFileName)
    			'Creates a raw data file with data between current boundrys. Uncomment for debuging.	
        		'Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        		'Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(server.mappath(".") & "\raw_" & lngNumberUploaded & ".txt", ForWriting, True)
        		'f.Write strData
        		'set f = nothing
        		'set fso = nothing
    			'Loose the path information and keep just the file name.	
        		tmpLng = instr(1,strFilename,"\")
        			do while tmpLng > 0
        				PrevPos = tmpLng
        				tmpLng = instr(PrevPos + 1,strFilename,"\")
        				FileName = right(strFilename,len(strFileName) - PrevPos)
    			'Get the begining position of the file data sent.
    			'if the file type is registered with the browser then there will be a Content-Type
        			lngCT = instr(1,strData,"Content-Type:")
        				if lngCT > 0 then
        					lngBeginPos = instr(lngCT,strData,chr(13) & chr(10)) + 4
        			 				lngBeginPos = lngEndFileName
        				end if
    			'Get the ending position of the file data sent.
        		lngEndPos = len(strData) 
    			'Calculate the file size.	
        		lngDataLenth = lngEndPos - lngBeginPos
    				'Get the file data	
        			strFileData = mid(strData,lngBeginPos,lngDataLenth)
    				' Create the file, change the path to the path U use for temp storage of the file
    				' make sure you have the IUSR_YOURCOMPUTER granted WRITE access to the uploads dir
        			Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        				Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(server.mappath("temp") & "\" & FileName, ForWriting, True)
        					f.Write strFileData
    						' Get full Path, you need it for deleting the file later  	
        					Dim ThisFile
        				ThisFile = server.MapPath("temp") & "/" & filename
           			lngNumberUploaded = lngNumberUploaded + 1
        		' destroy f, free memory
      		    set f = nothing
    		'Get then next boundry postitions if any
       		lngCurrentBegin = instr(1,strDataWhole,strBoundry)
    	    lngCurrentEnd = instr(lngCurrentBegin + 1,strDataWhole,strBoundry) - 1
    dim ename
    ename	= Request("ename")
    BodyMsg = BodyMsg & "<tr bgcolor=#D6D6D6><td><b>Employee Name:</b></td><td>" & ename & "</td></tr>"
    'email	= Request("email")
    'phone	= Request("phone")
    'BodyMsg = BodyMsg & "<style>.t9{font-family:arial;font-size:9pt;}</style>"
    'BodyMsg = BodyMsg & "<table width=500 bgcolor=#808080 class=t9 border=0 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=1>"
    'BodyMsg = BodyMsg & "<tr><td height=25 colspan=2 align=center><font color=#FFFFFF><b>Campaign Request Form:</b></font></td></tr>"
    'BodyMsg = BodyMsg & "<tr bgcolor=white><td><b>Email:</b></td><td>" & email & "</td></tr>"
    'BodyMsg = BodyMsg & "<tr bgcolor=white><td><b>Phone:</b></td><td>" & phone	 & "</td></tr>"
    'BodyMsg = BodyMsg & "</table>"
        ' CDO mail object
        Set objCDOMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
        ' CDO mail setttings
    		with objCDOMail
    			.Body = BodyMsg
    			.Subject = "testing 123"
    			.From = ""
    			.To = ""
    			'.Cc = strCC				
    			.MailFormat = 0			
    			.AttachFile ThisFile
    		end with
    	' destroy object, free memory
    	  set objCDOMail = nothing
        ' Now the file in the uploads dir can be deleted
          fso.DeleteFile ThisFile
        ' Destroy FileSystemObject, Free memory
           set fso = nothing
        		Response.Write "Email Sent</h2>"
        		Response.Write "<br><br><input type='button' onclick='document.location=" & chr(34) & "sendmail.asp" & chr(34) & "' value='<< Back' id='button'1 name='button'1>"	 						
    end select	
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