I've been interviewed and hired to teach an "Introduction to E-Commerce" class at a college nearby. It is a night class offered by the Center For Professional Development. I am told most of the students will be adults who own businesses and want to know more about getting their businesses online. I'm excited and it's going to be a great class.

Now I'm developing the curriculum/syllabus for the class. The Director of the Center says she'd like Case Studies of succesful e-commerce companies and so I've purchased the book Striking It Rich by Jacklyn Easton.

Any other books or articles about successful e-commerce companies or strategies you can recommend?

As for topics in the class, I plan on talking about shopping carts, secure transactions, site navigation/site design for sales sites, personalization, affiliate programs, email newsletters to draw return visitors, internet advertising (pay-per-click search engines, ad banners, e-zine/newsletter ads), etc.

Any pertinent things I'm missing that you would add?

There aren't that many courses/reference materials available on e-commerce yet, so I can use your advice.

Thanks in advance and wish me luck!

Sean P. Cover