Hey guys, I've been using kijiji and craigslist to get find some initial clients but they've proven to be poor ways of finding the clients I want to find. They're either expecting $500 for a full site with all the bells and whistles or the promising ones I did come into contact with required things beyond my current capabilities (Lots of backend stuff) and I'm not comfortable with outsourcing that work. So I figure it's best to define who my ideal customer is and to cold call them (I'm thinking something like restaurants there are thousands of them without websites within 25 miles of me). So what are your tips for starting/selling? WHY do they need a website? What concrete results can the expect? (I also offer SEO and SMM but that's a separate sales pitch I think).

This is a script from "The Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling". Supposedly he's one of the most renowned cold calling experts whatever that means! Each line has its reasoning behind it. It requires some tweaking to sound like me but I think it's okay.

Hi, John. Jim here from Acme Cost Control.
Did I catch you at an OK time?
John, I'm sure you're busy and I want to respect your time, so I'll be brief.
The reason for my call is this. We just saved Universal Transport an additional $12 million in shipping costs, so I thought it was important enough to let you know, since every company has an obligation to their customers and shareholders to reduce expenses.
Now, you may be wondering if we can do this for you, too. Well, depending on what you're currently doing, I don't know if you have a need for our services.
But with your permission, lets talk for a few minutes to determine if there is anything we're doing that you could benefit from.
Would you be comfortable spending just a few minutes with me on the phone now, if I stick to this timetable?
What do you do if the owner doesn't pick up and you don't know his name?

Also what do you do when they say "no thanks"? Do you try and figure out their reason i.e. time, no money at the moment? Do you call again in a few months to check in? What are the proper steps?