Hi cpradio,

Getting back to normal here now, finally!

OK back to it now, I changed the lines above to yours and it still came back with the same error, so have made sure also that the read/write permissions on the export folder and the csv file inside it are on and still it comes back with the same error.

Warning: readfile(\DATASTORE101\CSFWEBDATA$\checksafetyfirst\en\csfintranet\export\contractsCSF.csv): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in \\DATASTORE101\CSFWEBDATA$\checksafetyfirst\en\csfintranet\download.php on line 37
The bit I dont get also is that its saying no such file or directory in \\DATASTORE101\CSFWEBDATA$\checksafetyfirst\en\csfintranet\download.php, when the download.php file does exist there.