Hey everybody so I'm new to webdesign (Not with graphic design though) but I've learned a bit of CSS and HTML5, enough to design a simple 10-15 page website. However I feel that without offering eCommerce services I vastly limit my client base.

So first off, is there an easy way to implement a simple eCommerce system without resorting to Word Press or outsourcing to a php developer. This Word Press plugin really impresses me: http://getshopped.org/ So say a jewelry store wanted to sell some of their items online, how would I go about doing this?

WordPress seems really versatile (Though I hear drupal is far more powerful) since it can be used as a CMS and because its plugins really pack on some flesh to it. But right now my niche is small businesses with basic needs.

Also, is there a way to style Word Press with CSS? That seems to be the ideal option as far as I know but I also have read that you need some knowledge in PHP to do so. Any recommendations?

Or is there anyway to convert a CSS design into a wordpress template?