Hi this may sound really basic and dumb of me to ask but Im going to anyway just to be sure.

Ive had loads of problems with the site I am currently building for a client and dont want to make a massive booboo at the last hurdle.

I build sites with html (and a little javascript and css) and always use cuteftp to upload to 'holhost'.

Now I am having to upload to the clients host 'rackspace' and am replacing their old site that was built y someone else using php (which I have no knowledge of whatsoever)

So my question is this, when I log in to the new hosting can i just remove all the old php files and upload all my html documents in the same space? (when I log onto to Holhost I usually click on public_html before uploading the files) but as you can see the screenshot below the rackspace ftp interface doesnt have this option.

Holhost FTP

Clients FTP

thanks for your help guys