Good day,

Let's I have a parent and a child tables.
I load some data into the parent table, so a new record is generated with its primary key.
As the private key is auto increment, I do not know the value of this index.

Now, I need to load some data into the child table, where there is a foreing key linked to the parent table primary key.

How can I get the value of the parent table primary key, in order to use it to load fata into the child table?

Parent table: "Customers"
CustomerID <-PK

Child table: "Orders"
OrderID <-PK
CustomerID <-FK

Summarizing, I need to load data into both tables, my problem is because there is a "CustomerID" field I need to know from the parent table to be able to load the child table, and I do not know how to get it.

If there is another easier way to do it, much better!!

Thanks a lot!!!