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    Returning A Validation Error

    Hi, i am in the middle of coding some server side validation for a Create Account form for my website.

    I am trying to decide what the best and most elaborate way is to the return server side validation errors. I currently have a "slick" interface working with jQuery and Ajax BUT i want to be able to return the errors in a "slick" way IF my user decides to turn JS off.

    The options i have seen are:

    - return all the errors in red on a new page, with a back button
    - return the errors in red at the top of the Create Account page
    - return the errors at for each field in red directly above each filed

    01 - what other options are there out here
    02 - what option would you suggest

    Thanks in advance for your help...

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    You should be taking a degrading approach, where you will have javascript based validation in conjunction with server side code. This is the only way you can assure that adequate validation is taking place, regardless of the browser configurations.


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