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    Breadcrumbs - best practice

    I found myself in a dispute about website breadcrumbs with a co-worker today at work.

    We're in the process of restructuring our breadcrumb hierarchy and we were discussing the best route to take.

    On some of our pages it makes sense (in my eyes) to go 4 levels deep with our breadcrumbs. That is:

    Home > Landing Page > Review > Current Page (which is basically a sub-review with a more narrow/specific focus).

    Anyway, the co-worker was literally mad at me for suggesting the breadcrumbs go 4 levels deep. He said that Google ignores any breadcrumbs over 3rd in the hierarchy. "Anything after 3 levels/layers is invisible to google.<snip/>

    Q1: Is he right? Is anything after the 3rd crumb invisible to google?

    If I'm wrong please give it to me straight, I just want the truth.

    I showed him an example of a site that goes 4 levels deep and his reply: "Oh, they're one of the few domains that might have enough juice for 4 levels." (he's concerned about link juice)

    So to rectify the situation he had me remove the 'Home' breadcrumb. Please note, we do not have a Home button in our top navigation, but we do have a logo that links to the home page.

    Q2: Is this okay usability-wise to not include the Home page and start right off with our landing page?

    Usability and user experience is important to us, but maybe that's not a big deal.

    Haha, I could probably turn this thread into a series with all the goofy things that go on at my job.
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