I am in marketing and have some wordpress experience. I would like to provide a website solution to a niche market. I am currently purchasing themes individually and tweaking them for the specific businesses but I want to take this to the next level

I believe means I need to host my own CMS. I am not sure if I have the vocabulary correct but what I want to provide is something simlar to


gospacecraft has the website creation solution I need (for my clients to create their own responsive website)

coverboom has the marketing options (e.g. for my clients to capture and maintain their own email newsletter for their own clients ... maybe this could be an option for them to choose and we can intergrate with something like mailchimp.. ?)

I am not sure of all the requirments to accomplish what I am describing but I believe I would need to :

- Host a CMS (somwhere like 1&1)
- Automate the install of the solution (hopefully wordpress) with the customers options locked down to the basics they need to create their own site (e.g upload logo, add pages, content and images and the turn on marketing options) again branded as my company

again , I know my vocabulary is lacking but with the above examples Im hoping I can get advice from someone who has done this type of solution prior and can help me with understanding the requirements and considerations for this. gospacecraft.com is the most important example of what im looking to accomplish since they provide a solution for their clients to create their own liquid\responsive website.

I am hoping that i can purchase a fully licensed theme\cms solution and only require a developer to assist with the backend or hosting side of this (as I am on a budget)

Hope this makes sense and thank you in advance for any assitance\advice you cna provide