I have a "comment" table which is the junction table in a many-to-many relationship between the "member" and "article" tables.

Here are my tables...

- id (pk)
- slug
- title

- member_id (pk)(fk)
- article_id (pk)(fk)
- created_on (pk)(fk)

- id (pk)
- first_name

Currently I am adding in the ability for people to "Report a Comment" from a given Article page, which necessitates me passing over the "Article ID", "Member ID", and "Created On Date" to my "report_comment.php" script.

(For any given Article, the same Member could have posted several Comments, so I need all three pieces of information to know *which* Comment the person is reporting.)

Simply put, that is a PITA...

And so i am wondering if this might be a good reason to add an auto-increment "comment.id" field, and make that my Primary Key?!

Do so would most certainly make my life easier as far as this script I am working on.

I'm not sure how it might impact other things I might need to do in the future?!

Currently, I can't think of any places where I am actually using my 3-Key Primary Key other than for ensuring uniqueness in the table...