Okay so I've been frustrated with this for a couple hours now and if anyone can give me some help then it would be greatly appreciated. So, I'm trying to build this site and I'm working on the background image for the navigation. I want this image to span the whole width of the screen and contain the navigation all on one line. My thought was to set the image as the background for the div that contains the ul, set the width to 100% since the divs container (the body) fills 100% of the page, set the height to the minimum height of the background image (59px) and have it repeat in the x axis. Well, iv'e tried lots of things and you can see the last result that I got at this url. The funny thing is that I was able to get the cloud background image to work fine, but obviously i'm dealing with a list here which complicates things.


Thanks for any help you can provide. Also, I'd much rather have someone tell me my error in the code rather than just copying and pasting code that works.

thanks, Brian