I need experts’ help here. Recently (6th June) I launched my first website( I took a lot of care and it took 4 months to finish the website and submitted my website to 4 forums for review. In one forum a guy with 500+ forum posts PMed me and told

“Your content is unique but your internal linking will kill your SEO. Google doesn’t like this kind of internal links.”

Then I send him 4 PMs and asked - him what was wrong and what my mistakes were - but never got any reply from that guy.

Guys I am really very scared now. This guy has more than 500 forum posts, so he must know something I don’t.

This is my first website and I spent 4 month to develop all the tools and just launched it. I concentrated on developing tools and I am not a SEO guy. I just did some basic SEO like Meta & internal links (I heard internal links help you to rank better).

Please please please brother help me out here. what did I wrong with my internal linking? Or what is the safest or best practice to build your internal linking. Or who do you link your website pages? I am dying to know what did I do wrong or what should I do now.

Please help me out here guys.