Hi All.
I have two directories in one domain.
mydomain.com/admin (This is a CMS I built)

In both of the index pages I have print_r($_SESSION);

I log into admin and get session data,
    [username] => loren
    [url] => /admin/index.php
    [userlevel] => 5
    [userid] => 8add8ab7d3bc44a4bf00ebde7233b769
    [netid] => 335
    [user_type] => admin
when I go to zoneminder, the only session data I get is,
 [skin] => classic
When I fist saw it, I thought that zoneminder destroyed the session and created it's own.
Then I pointed my browser back to admin and I was still logged in, I would have then expected that "[skin] => classic" would have been in the admin session.

What I'm trying to do is set up the session so when you log into admin, you already have the session vars so that you are logged into zoneminder.

I have set up sites that have WordPress and phpbb and osCommerce and print_r($_SESSION); shows all the session values from each app.

I even tried cURL to see if I could get a zoneminder login but apparently that just sets up a session with php, not the browser.

This is the result of "echo $result;" in cURL.

ZoneMinder Login

Logging In

I'm not sure if it a php.ini setting, we built the sever from scratch but if anyone can help that would be great.
I am open to any ideas or wild speculation.