I have received a lot of help both here and on the wordpress site but unfortunately I have to change directions. My client does not want a blogging site, he wants a static site that he can add or remove content from. Now I have read that WP can be used as a CMS and I have found video tutorials and written tutorials on the subject, but they make absolutely no sense to me.

Here is what I have. This is a 6 page site. The home page has a left and right sidebar. The left sidebar is for news info that the client will manually add. The right sidebar will hold his external links, an event calendar, an RSS feed link and whatever else he wants. The other pages will be 2 column pages with only the right sidebar still in tact. The left sidebar goes away.

I have saved all HTML pages to .php pages with this code at the top of each <?php /* Template Name: Home */ ?>, <?php /* Template Name: Noise 101 */ ?>, <?php /* Template Name: Meeting Recaps */ ?>, etc. When I try to create a page I don't see on the right hand side the drop down to pick default template or whatever in the page attributes. If I install the default theme, I see it. I know that I have to have Home page template, etc, which I do but for some reason it is not triggering the drop down.

I try to copy and paste all the code from the home page into the editor and click update and get nothing. Do I need to add php code for this to work? There is a video on youtube that I thought would be helpful but it really doesn't go into a lot of detail on how to accomplish what I am really trying to do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o2Xc...feature=relmfu.

The site as it is right now is at http://foxdenwebsolutions.com/test. I can't believe how difficult it is to use WP. HTML/CSS I understand, this I don't. Please help me learn this. Thanks.