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    making images clickable in s3slider

    I have a WP theme with s3slider. The author set the slider to have clickable text, but the image is not clickable.

    I am not far in my efforts to work with js, no familiarity here. So, I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me where to look in the code and what to modify. Also, will I need to modify the array in the .php file that calls the slider details?

    Thanks for the help. I don't see why the images weren't given the option to be clicked. Maddening!


    PS I set up to work on my edits. You can see the slider there. Cheers

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    Hi pkw. Welcome to the forums.

    It should be easy enough to wrap an <a> element around those images, as it's all based on static HTML (as far as I can see from the s3slider site). You'll have to look into the theme's files to find where that code is stored, but when you do, it should be easy to modify.

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