Hello everyone,

I'm having problems at adding some features for vBulletin Lite. I want to make possible that it checks whether the entered p/w is correct or not. Here's the code:

$userdata=mysql_query("SELECT user,pass FROM members WHERE user=$username");

if ($dbusername==$username and $dbpassword==$password)
do something

Apparently this code doesn't even load the items from the DB table! I made some tests and never ever the pass nor user was displayed.

I looked at some other queries which vB uses; they look like this:

$foruminfo=$DB_site->query_first("SELECT active,allowposting,title FROM forum WHERE forumid=$forumid");

But this always return the vB error "Slight problems...Please contact the technical admin."

BTW it's in the newthread.php3 under action=="postthread"

Please help....