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    google analytics not working?

    I have had my the site live for a couple of days now, almost a week. I installed google analytics when i launched the site. WHen i log into google analytics I have no visters at all. ANd i know people have been there (they have told me) I am on Local search "colorado springs plumbers" on local result "G". I have checked over and over my analytics code and found nothing wrong. I installed the same way w/ another site and it worked fine. WHat could the issue be? -Thanks

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    The problem is that you don't have any Google Analytics code on your page.

    Google provides you with code to past into each page—either in the <head> section or preferably just before the closing <body> tag.

    You do have this,

    <script src='/google_analytics_auto.js'></script>
    but it leads to nothing (is a broken link) and I'm not sure if that's a valid way to include Analytics anyhow. (I've not seen it done with a link to a separate file before.)


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