I am currently looking at purchasing homesite 4.5 for my site. I currently use notepad so I am familiar with html. My site is becoming rather large and it is taking up alot of my time; more than I have to make minor changes to 100+ pages. I realize css would solve some of these issues but I have not had much success in getting the layout to work the way I would like it to. I am in the process of putting up my mail order catalog and I require a program that can assist me in making this task easier. I have been looking at Homesite 4.5 and would like some feedback on this program.

1) Am I looking at the right program for what I would like to accomplish?

2) How much of what homesite produces in the way of html as bloated code?

3) Ease of use? I'm not a newbie so I am not looking for a basic program but rather something that will free up some of my time on hand coding every page that I want to put on the site.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You