I'm teaching myself how to do web pages and web hosting on an inexpensive small scale for local artists.

I have an unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth hosting account with Go Daddy.

I host 3 others at this point under my umbrella. I needed a better ssl certificate than the free one. The one I bought is good for me, the host, and 4 others.

With the help of a person at GoDaddy, I used their dashboard to redirect 3 sites to https. It didn't work.

I would like anyone going to these 3 sites, no matter what they type to end up at, for instance, https://www.mysite.com so that the blue bar shows up in the URL bar.

The other two have their own domain, but are located under mine. I use Dreamweaver CS5 so I edit the sites in separate directories but the edited code always ends up in their folders under mine.

I hope I'm making sense. Go Daddy said I have to figure it out myself more or less. Well, not all of them, but...