I'm not quite sure where this question would fit, so I suppose this forum makes sense.

Basically, I'm looking to make a site that has 2 functions: 1) Post news, links, videos, etc and 2) have a community based forum. I want the user to be able to login on the home page and he/she will continue to stay logged on with the same account through all pages, including the forum where they could post.

I'm not sure what languages I should do this in. Should I just simply do html / php / mysql (and css obv), where I would create a database with user logins and they could post on news posting, the forums, or wherever?

IN a sense, I would like a similar layout to this site, where you could view news on the front page and comment, etc, or just post on forums.

The other option I was thinking is a wordpress page, but I don't know how good of a forum you could implement (I will eventually be putting in decent forum software like invision, etc)