Hi all,

The problem occures because of browser-incompatibility. I wrote an application using Javascript and PHP (php is of no relevance here 'cause the problem is in Javascript) - and all the time i was working i used Opera borwser for testing and when i got it done i tried starting it in IE6.0 and i saw almost nothing !!?!?!

As you can see if you click H E R E(this is a simple example) - try clicking on the text in the select field in the upper frame and then (in Opera and probably some other browsers) in the down-right frame it should load a web-site of some kind.

You can see a source code yourself and maybe somebody can tell me why can't Iexplorer do that !?

I don't think that Javascript and JScript objects are so different (location object, select, frames object ...)?

Can anyone help me ?!